vegan and gluten-free cookies rookies

Falling in love with these choc-chip & hazelnut vegan and gluten-free cookies does not go well with me being an environmentalist.

They are so delicious but of course, I cannot have just one so there is plastic everywhere and my heart hurts. 


Assuming that you can have only one cookie at a time and that you are not zero-waste, let’s get on with telling you how much I love to snack on these beauties.

It used to be pretty hard to find vegan junk in my little town. Then one store started selling vegan ice cream and puddings and then others slowly followed with more products. Slowly I was able to find three different plant-based brands of cookies at one store. Three types of cookies I could choose from! Whaat!?!

Then one day my eyes caught Rookies cookies at Mercator and I didn’t care about anything else.

vegan cookies rookies

vegan and gluten-free cookies

cookies rookies

Not only are they plant-based and with no added sugar, but they are gluten-free and high in fibre too! So much goodness in one cookie that I get for 99 cents.

I bribe my niece with it when she doesn’t want to finish her lunch, I give it to my dad when he is nice to me, and I share it with my youngest sister who is huge on sugary food. Basically, everyone loves it.

Usually, I buy it for after lunch when I am reading in nature. I love to walk and read at the same time and because I like to multitask, I add snacking on Rookies into the mix and voila, I am happy.

Also, if you want to eat Rookies in a cozy setting, may I suggest you enjoy them while drinking a toffee flavored cappuccino? Here I talk about a brand I love that fits so perfectly with these delicious snacks.

To wrap this post up, I love these cookies and I absolutely can’t wait to try other flavors as well because so far I’ve only tasted the choc-chip and hazelnut ones.

Anyway, find me on Instagram and Pinterest. I post daily tips that will help you create a sustainable vegan lifestyle.


vegan and gluten-free cookies rookies