alex not vegan anymore

I am so freaking tired of people expecting influencers to guide them to a moral and ethical life. Expecting them to tell you how you should live and be the ideal person you can look up to.

There is always a new person who disappoints vegans who get attached to these individuals. This week is Alex, next week is, I don’t know, Jessica.

It is tiring to care for them because they are just people. Having half a million YouTube subscribers or a million followers on Instagram doesn’t make someone an authority on things. It just means they are interesting and business savvy. 

No matter how many ex-vegans there are, it doesn’t change the fact that eating non-human animals is killing them, the planet and us. Science is not an emotion, it is fact. You can argue with people but you cannot argue with what is true and real.

I encourage you to stop putting your happiness in the hands of influencers who will disappoint you when a bigger check comes in the mail or when they lose interest in being a good person.

Look up to the person you wish you were, and do whatever it takes to be her. Look up to those who don’t need praise or Patreon supporters to do activism work. Look up to the non-human animals who suffer every day and yet never lose their innocence. 

Veganism is not a trend or a season one goes through. It is a moral stance, a philosophy. 

Being vegan is about reducing the amount of suffering non-human animals endure, it is about protecting the innocent. 

So who cares if Alex is not vegan anymore? His opinion doesn’t change facts or science. It doesn’t mean your whole lifestyle is wrong. It simply means he changed his opinion on something. He went back to sleep.

You do you and continue speaking up for non-human animals because they are the only ones who matter. It is them who we need to focus on, not someone on the internet.

While, yes, it sucks that they are now influencing thousands of people to consume animal products, it is still not productive to feel emotional over their actions. You have bigger things to worry about, like the animal holocaust that is happening right in front of our eyes.

Focus on the bigger picture. Focus on your next actionable step.

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alex not vegan anymore