Listen, I don’t care why you became an ex-vegan but I do care that you go back. So today I will share with you three tips that will help you do just that.

It has never been easier to eat plant-based than today, and no matter what your excuse is, you can do it too. Thousands of people have done it and so can you.

We are all on our unique journeys and sometimes we have to try going vegan multiple times before it sticks. But you must know why you are doing it as this will be the foundation on which you will build everything else. 

I find that a lot of ex-vegans went plant-based because of their health and that means that when their health improved they went back to eating non-human animals. This is not a foundation I am talking about.

The foundation for veganism should always, always, always be about animal rights as this is what the lifestyle (and philosophy) is about.

So here is how to go vegan for ex-vegans:

  • Watch graphic footage of animal cruelty. 

I know this sounds extreme but you need to know what happens behind closed doors. Watching graphic footage of animal cruelty ensures that you will remember it all before you order that steak or drink a glass of dairy milk. 

I suggest you watch a documentary, like Dominion or Earthlings. While absolutely heartbreaking, they are also crucial to inform you of the truth. The more you know, the more eager you will be to change, evolve and grow as a person.

  • Create a support system you can rely on.

Do you have friends and family members who will support you on your journey? You don’t necessarily need vegan friends as much as you need people who will stand by your side and cheer for your progress.

If you do not have individuals in your vicinity, attend vegan events or volunteer with an animal sanctuary. I wrote more about this here.

  • Make a meal plan you can stick to. 

A lot of ex-vegans didn’t know how and what to eat on a plant-based diet. This can truly make you miserable and prone to quitting the whole thing. I understand that, but I also know there are solutions to this problem. 

I wrote at length about how to eat enough calories here, and also about how to eat on a budget. Both include helpful tips on how to eat plant-based without losing your mind.

I encourage you to do all three to make sure your path back to veganism is filled with joy, calmness and compassion. 

As I write this, I have been eating plant-based for 8 years and I have met a lot of people who went back to consuming animal products. But I have also met people who failed and went back to being vegan, too.

You got this. You always have. It doesn’t matter why you stopped, it matters WHY you went back.

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how to go vegan for ex-vegans