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I started my first blog in 2014. All these years of writing, creating content and promoting have thought me one thing. 

I cannot do this alone.

What I require to succeed and continue growing my blog is to use helpful apps for bloggers and content creators.

There is nothing more important than being organized and productive. Making this whole experience easier for yourself and everyone involved. Blogging is not exactly hard to do but it does take work to see it expand and grow.

That is why I want to share with you my most used apps for bloggers, or anyone who is creating content online. They were not specifically created for us, but let’s be honest, we are the ones using them the most.

Try them out for yourself and see how you can include them in your work routine. These tools exist for a reason and you want to use them fully. 

Here are my favourite apps for bloggers (and content creators):

English is my second language. While I am confident that I speak well enough for you to understand what I write, I still require help.

Grammarly has been a lifesaver on my blogging journey. It helps me write better posts, use diverse words, and make my content more readable.

Every day I am improving, learning and growing. 

I could write poems about how much I love this app and website. 

It helped me get organized with my goal setting, content creating, and just how I plan my whole day to day life. The whole design is so beautiful and easy to navigate that I enjoy looking at my calendar.

My favourite thing about it, though, is that all my boards and threads look professional yet cute and pretty. It feels like Trello is my digital home where my dreams are safe to keep in. 

While I do not use Hootsuite anymore ever since I deleted Twitter, it was a big part of my blogging routine for years.

I used it to schedule Tweets for a month ahead so I never worried that I was not marketing on the platform. It is incredibly helpful, especially when you are just one person working on building a community, without any help.

  • Google Docs.

Everyone is most likely already using Google Docs. Still, in case you are not, what are you waiting for exactly?

It is easy to use on my phone and even better on my computer. I like to write all my posts first on Google Docs, proofread and only then do I go to my website and schedule it. Plus, Grammarly works on it as well so you can carefully edit before you go live.

I hope these tools and resources help you on your blogging journey. They helped me and I continue using them to this day.

This year marks seven years since I became a content creator. Seven years. Blogging became a part of my personality and the thought of not doing it scares me. 

It’s my way of giving back. It is how I feel of service to those whose lives were taken because of my bad habits. I have to do something to somehow help those who can still be saved. It’s my duty. 

Organizing my time and using these apps for bloggers helps me achieve this. I truly hope you take advantage and fulfil your creative goals as well. 

You got this.

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apps for bloggers