conservative progressive vegans

Conservative and progressive vegans MUST coexist because that is the only way we will see true animal liberation.

How can we avoid another pandemic if we are at war? How can we save trillions of fish if we are too busy calling each other Nazis and racists? How can we do anything if we refuse to work with each other?

The truth is, we cannot. We cannot do anything if we are divided.

Aren’t we tired of hate? Aren’t we tired of seeing those we disagree with as evil? I’m not talking about anti-vaxxers and actual racists, but someone who is slightly more to the left or a bit more conservative.

I still have faith in humanity. I have faith that we can work together to improve our world, society and the planet itself.

My advice on how we can start this revolution of working together is by having conversations. Talking to each other, as people, and pouring our hearts out. And by listening. Listening to the other individual without a need to respond or convince them they are wrong.

I know it is difficult because everyone is convinced that they are morally superior but we have got to try. We have got to do something before we literally kill each other, and we’ve already crossed the line in the past few years!

But love, understanding, compassion and conversations can solve this.

Fuck politicians, Twitter personas who seek division, and the media. Fuck those who want to cancel everyone who even slightly disagrees with them. Fuck those who think -isms are the reason someone doesn’t like them. 

Fuck those who think they are morally superior to anyone for any reason.

They aren’t. 

Conservative and progressive vegans want the same damn thing – for non-human animals to be free from exploitation, abuse and murder.

For goodness sake, let us stand together against injustice, oppression and exploitation of the most innocent amongst us. I still believe we are capable of doing that. I still believe.

Maybe I am wrong and in the end, I will have to swallow my words but I want to keep the faith. 

Faith in humanity.

Faith in me.

Faith in you.

We got this.

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conservative progressive vegans