eco-friendly tips

Look at the beautiful summer we are having.

Although I am not a big fan of the heat, I do enjoy nature and flowers and all the ice cream available at the store. 

Do you know what worries me, though? That there will come a point where summer is the only season we are experiencing. The worst part? It will be scorching hot, natural disasters will scale up and water scarcity will create horrible conditions for billions of individuals.

This is a reality we are facing. 

It probably won’t happen in 12 years, or even in your lifetime but there will be a generation that will grow up in these conditions. 

As an environmentalist, I want to encourage everyone around me to upgrade their treatment of Mama Earth. Listen, if we don’t talk about it who will? We cannot keep quiet anymore, no sir.

Here are eco-friendly tips I think everyone should know:

  • Get a reusable cotton bag already! It’s 2020, many countries have already banned the use of plastic bags at their stores, and the greatest investment you can make is to get a nice, pretty-looking cotton tote that will make everyone jealous.
  • Are you a fan of thrift shopping? I’m not really one of the enthusiasts (you can read more about it here), but I sure as hell believe in supporting ethical stores. You don’t need freshly made clothes, you need well-made articles of clothing that don’t contribute to pollution and human exploitation.
  • Borrow more and buy less. Ask your grandparents, friends and neighbours for those garden scissors, a children’s swimming pool or a fancy camera. Why buy if you’ll only use it a handful of times?
  • When it comes to beauty and cleaning products, go green and natural. You want to know that the ingredients are not toxic to the environment or for you. If you find that these types of products tend to be a tad more expensive, figure out a way to buy fewer high-quality products that you will use for decades (instead of many cheap ones that suck) or DIY.

I love the thought of all of us creating a better, greener planet. 

Together we can do so much, but we have to be committed to taking action and pushing each other forward. Community, people, that’s the secret to progress.

It won’t happen quickly and shit will go down before it starts looking promising. But don’t worry, lovely, I will keep you motivated and inspired. It’s kind of my thing to do that. Sharing eco-friendly tips all day every day.

Trust in your voice and in your ability to be of service.

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eco-friendly tips