17 acts of kindness ideas

Okay, before we begin I want you to promise me something.

I want you to commit to choosing at least ONE thing from this list and acting upon it in the next 7 days. Just one, that’s all.

I get really upset when I read long posts that lack depth. It’s like these writers only want to attract people to their site who are searching for ideas but don’t care about inspiring them to act on what they wrote.

Imagine how peaceful our world would be if we cared about making an impact on one another. Not just doing things for the sake of doing them, but filled with passion and purpose. 

These 17 acts of kindness that I will share with you are things that you can do because you want others to live a good life. Some will require you to reach inside your pocket, while most are completely free.

It is up to you what you will do with this information, but I really really encourage you to do one. It will make you feel better about yourself, the world and the future of society.

One person can change how we approach certain issues; one person can inspire the masses; one person can completely shift our amazing yet also flawed in many cases Western culture. 

We already have so much to be proud of, but there is nothing better than continuing making progress.

Here are 17 acts of kindness to love your fellow human beings:

  1. Talk to someone today. Anyone. We are so alone in our modern tech-heavy world that just discussing the weather with another human can ground us.
  2. If you have an abundance of fruit and vegetables in your garden, share it with people in your community. I have yet to see someone being upset at getting a bowl of berries or juicy tomatoes from a generous neighbour.
  3. Read a book to a child or an elderly person. I find that these two groups enjoy the most the company of another human who is willing to read them a story.
  4. Greet people you see on the street. Just say Hi or Good Morning. It takes nothing from you but it can mean the world to someone who is thinking of suicide, has had a bad day, or lacks faith in humanity. We never, ever, ever know what people are going through and how our words affect them.
  5. Donate money to organizations, charities or individuals whose work you value and support. Try to aim for the small and/or not widely recognized as they are the ones who need financial support the most.
  6. Offer to babysit a busy person’s children. Or offer to take them to the playground, perhaps even inviting them to spend some time at your house with your kids so they can all play.
  7. Volunteer at a nursing home and bring joy to the elderly. They are often lonely and desperate to have someone with whom they can have conversations with, and share stories of a long-lived life.
  8. Say something kind to a person with a mental illness. See them. Acknowledge them. Let them know that their life matters even if they don’t always feel like it does. 
  9. Donate clothes or accessories to the homeless shelter. Maybe even books, food and personal hygiene products. Remember those who are ignored and feared, as we don’t always know their stories and struggles.
  10. Bring baked goods to someone new in your neighbourhood, workplace or school. Put those hands to work, check out my Pinterest board for desserts, and make someone’s belly happy.
  11. Reach out to someone whom you disagree with. Not to have a conversation about the things you don’t have in common, but about the things you do share. Do you both play chess and read true crime? Awesome, do that!
  12. Learn about your grandparents and their childhood. Reminisce about their past, their loved ones who passed away, and the dreams they had growing up. It will bring them so much happiness to know someone wants to learn about their journey.
  13. Encourage someone to go after their dreams and goals. If you want to make it even better, offer to help them with taking the first step.
  14. Support new authors, musicians and business owners by purchasing their work, services or attending their shows. And bring your friends!
  15. Clean someone’s home or outdoor space. Is there a disabled or an elderly person who could need a helping hand? Reach out to them and ask when you can start!
  16. Sell things in your home that are taking place and gathering dust and use the money to organize a picnic for the whole community. Invite everyone, from your friends to those you barely know and are perhaps not very close with – remember to invite them in person, if possible.
  17. Write a letter of appreciation to teachers who are educating your kids. Thank them for their service. Thank them for their dedication to raising a new generation of humans.

Imagine if every person reading this does just one thing from this list. So many individuals would be uplifted because we chose to care and love and appreciate and contribute.

Oh my goodness, how badly we need to start contributing to this world. 

We must give to others, not money but love and a helping hand. Anyone can donate to a charity or an organization but how many will bring fresh from the garden cucumbers to their neighbour, or offer to pick up each other’s kids from school? 

Of course, let’s give a few Euros to those who require it, but let’s not pretend that our lack of money prevents us from being of service. We have our brain and our heart and our hands and our feet and all the things that we own that we can GIVE or LEND.

The best acts of kindness are those who come from our honest heart. I don’t always do all of these things – I am a complex individual who is suffering from a mental illness and is not often in the mood to be around other beings – but every day I strive to do just one thing from the list.

Even the tiniest acts of love matter, I promise. Your work is important. 

Another thing you can do to be kinder is to go vegan but you can read more about that topic in this post here.


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