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environmentally-friendly things weekend

Once again I am dedicating some time for us to focus on environmentalism.

I’ve been thinking of the ways we can step up our game and do more for mama nature. So I figured we can take a look at some things you can accomplish during the weekend. 

Imagine the world we could build if we took some time every week to clean our parks and forests, to continue our education, or to simply plan for our greener future. We could achieve so much!

Remember the times before we knew what climate change was? I know for myself that it wasn’t until I watched Cowspiracy that I’ve learnt how big of a problem this is. Before that documentary, I wasn’t even aware that climate change is an actual thing happening right now.

Afterwards, I started learning about my footprint and how I can reduce the amount of harm I do by just living on this planet. I am completely committed to being of service to nature, and hopefully, you are too.

We only have one planet that we can live on for now and we should take care of it.

Here are environmentally-friendly things you can do this weekend:

  • Pick up the trash in your local parks, forests or on the beach.

It breaks my heart seeing empty plastic water bottles laying around when I’m going for a walk. 

Not only because I don’t understand people who litter but also because the trash can is usually just 5 metres away.

I suggest you gather a group of people (or do it yourself) and go around town or the city to pick up things that are lying on the floor. You just need a trash bag and some good quality gloves, and you’re set!

  • Watch educational documentaries.

Sometimes you have to learn about the thing you are about to start doing. It’s the same with everything, from travelling to Zimbabwe to becoming an environmentally-conscious person.

One thing you can do this weekend is watching documentaries that will teach you about climate change and global warming. You have to know what you are fighting against so that you can prepare better.

My personal suggestions: An Inconvenient Sequel, Racing Extinction and Before The Flood.

  • Go through your belongings and donate what you don’t need.

Most of us own stuff that we don’t even know we bought. It’s cluttering our homes, our lives and our minds.

What I love about getting all Marie Kondo on the things I have, is that I can donate them to people who do need them. Plenty of charities that work with poor and/or homeless individuals would love to receive stuff that you want to throw away.

What a wonderful world we could create if we just started donating more and buying less. We already have enough clothes, closets and phones, there is no need to produce more and more of them.

Are you already planning? I know I am.

You can do these activities with your friends or family. It’s going to bring you closer together but it’s also a great way to find a mutual goal to strive for.

I mean, how will we make progress as society if we are not standing by each other’s side? Every major problem we faced as humanity has been solved by groups and groups of people demanding and, most importantly, creating change.

Wake up in the morning with passion. Find inspiration in trees and mountains, find motivation by observing activists in your life and online.

You got this. We got this.

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environmentally-friendly things you can do this weekend