tips fight climate change

We really stopped talking about climate change, haven’t we?

So many important things are happening around the globe that we quietly pushed the discussion about how to fight climate change in the corner.

It’s truly disturbing because long-term most of the problems people are focusing on will not be remembered anyway.

But today I am stopping this trend of ignoring one of the biggest issues humanity is facing and I have decided to share with you 5 things anyone can do to fight climate change.

Let me tell you something about me if you are new. 

I help people take responsibility for their actions and learn how to be conscious of how they treat the environment. I’m not into perfectionism and purism or anything like that. 

I want humans to be aware of their footprints and make progress every single day. Because I know for myself that I am aware of what I support every time I buy something wrapped in plastic.

But I am making progress and becoming better and better as each day passes. Can you do that too? Are you willing to join me on this journey of simply doing what we can? Without trying to reach perfectionism which doesn’t exist?

I hope you said yes because I have quite a few ideas I want to share with you, but first…

Here are 5 things anyone can do to fight climate change:

  • Commit to making progress every day, week or month. That means buying fewer clothes from fast fashion companies, investing in cruelty-free and vegan products, and buying vegan alternatives to dairy and meat. 
  • Be aware of what companies and brands you support. I personally support (most) huge corporations because they provide jobs and help our economy, but maybe you don’t find value in what they do. By being aware of who they are, you can then decide if you like it or not. 
  • Save money for long-term environmentally-friendly goals. One of my dreams in life is to own a black Tesla Model X, so although I don’t even have a driving license now, I know that if I start saving money today, I can eventually buy one and support an eco-friendly company.
  • Talk to people close to you and share with them your plans for becoming an environmentalist. If they respond positively, you can even ask them to hold you accountable and call you out when you mess up.
  • Start with the basics. You know what I mean… get your reusable bag and water bottle, carry fruit in your hands if you must, and take public transport with 20 other people instead of driving everywhere. There will be time to do everything else, but it always starts with the foundation aka the basics.

I approach activism a bit differently than you might have seen on social media. 

I talked so much about this already and won’t get too into it right now, but in short: I am not here for pointing fingers and being mad at billionaires, instead I prefer to acknowledge that without the consumers no company survives and that is out power.

Do you know how a lot of women use sex as a tool to get men to do whatever they want them to do? Well, we all have to be like that when it comes to big corporations. We must deny giving them our money and they will simply have to improve. 

At the same time, buying good shit from Amazon or some other fucking company shows that there is a demand for these types of stuff. They don’t care where the money is coming from, as long as it’s there at the end of the month.

Seriously, being obsessed with reading books about business and building companies as much as I am is paying off because I understand how to do my activism.

Okay, I hope you liked my ideas on how to fight climate change and if you are interested in learning more about this topic, please follow me on Instagram and Pinterest.


tips how to fight climate change