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vegan in 30 days tips

Going vegan overnight can be very overwhelming and stressful for some people. 

It took me personally 11 months to transition from eating and exploiting other animals to being plant-based and an activist. You probably don’t need a year so I figured we can do it together in just 30 days.

Are you in?

Listen, I know it’s scary and unknown, but deep down you know it’s something you want to do because you care about others. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be here, reading this post and giving me a chance to show you how to treat other animals with more compassion.

And hey, at the end of the day it’s just me here, sharing what I have learnt in these past 6 years. We are all the same and just trying to do good things so we can leave this planet with a cleaner conscience.

Okay, so I thought I would start by sharing a few tips and then link to some of the resources I created. Would you like that? 


Here are my tips on how to go vegan in 30 days:

  • Be committed but not too hard on yourself. 

Take this challenge seriously but draw a line somewhere because if you don’t, this whole thing can turn into self-judgment and you will quit in no time. Know that you are doing your best and that this is an adventure, not something you have to /master/ immediately.

I find it troubling when new vegans get obsessed with being vegan and lose interest in other things. For some, this becomes an identity. I believe this happens because they threw themselves into this lifestyle without knowing who they were, what they wanted and what their values were. 

Know that you are just starting this journey and as time goes by, you will gain more and more knowledge that will help you feel good and do good through living vegan.

  • Find a mentor (online).

There are so many people out there who are more than willing to help you go vegan in 30 days. A few people whom you can look up and learn from are Colleen Patrick-Goudreau, Joey Carbstrong and Earthling Ed

Ask them questions or reach out to the people in their community. Mentors are not only those we can talk to in person but individuals we follow online.

  • Keep on learning and expanding your knowledge.

I am addicted to reading and on days when I am not reading, I am probably fighting off thoughts of suicide. Education is so very important for me, and learning about things that are important for the future of humanity is something I am very passionate about. 

In the past 6 years of living this plant-based lifestyle, I have read a ton of incredible books that changed my life for the better. Not only have I been consuming information through reading but I also listen to podcasts, watch videos and follow people on social media.

If we want to succeed in doing anything, we must be always on the lookout for new, helpful information that can help us lead better lives.

If you’ve never read any books about plant-based nutrition or animal rights, I suggest you start with Proteinaholic by Dr Garth Davis and Vegan’s Daily Companion by Colleen Patrick-Goudreau (you can read my review of the book here).

  • Take small steps every day.

Every journey begins with taking the first step. This one is no different as we only have to make sure we are moving forward, slowly but steadily.

Everything will fall in just the right place once you start making progress. 30 days is the right amount of time to change your habits but do it on your own terms. 

As I said, I took quite a long time to transition but I was constantly going in the direction of living vegan. No day went by without me becoming more aware of the abuse other beings are enduring and how I can help. 

I want you to look at the next 30 days as a fun adventure you are ready to embark upon. I don’t want you to feel scared, anxious or unable to go through with it. 

I know people who were anti-vegan from the second they stopped eating their fellow animals. So when I found out they were eating meat for months while lying to my face, it didn’t really surprise me, to be honest. 

But to me, 6 years ago, this presented something I yearned for. It called to me and when I answered, every second was spent on learning about this new lifestyle I so badly wanted to be a part of. 

I was dedicated and passionate but at the same time, it was so much fun reading all these books and watching videos of people who were sharing their stories and tips with me.

I couldn’t be happier about how the first few weeks of my vegan journey turned out to be. I felt so much happiness and relief at the same time. This was a path I wanted to explore… and I did.

To make this month even better for you, here are my favorite resources I created for you:

I shared with you everything I believe you need to know to go vegan in 30 days.

Will it be hard? Probably not. Will it open your heart, ask you to look at the things that you were hiding from for decades, and encourage you to change your habits? Absolutely!

That’s the exciting part, though. Knowing that you will come out the other end in 30 days without the pink glasses on that were telling you everything is fine. 

If you truly give the vegan lifestyle a chance, you will discover how good it feels to help other beings by not exploiting, enslaving or murdering them.

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vegan in 30 days what you need to know