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mattifying compact powder foundation essence

I am becoming more and more interested in beauty products. It’s strange but I kind of like it because that way I get to share my opinions with you.

So today I want to talk about some of my monthly vegan favorites. 

I previously mentioned in my older posts that I am not really into the whole beauty products thing but that I am trying my best to find what works for me and my skin. I just wasn’t raised with a  lot of self-esteem so make-up was always like a Spanish village (unknown and distant).

I managed to go shopping after the whole quarantine phase ended and buy things that I have already been using and some that I didn’t know before.

I have to say that I am very happy with my picks because they have done wonders on my skin. I hope my reviews encourage you to try them out as well because perhaps they will help you too.

Let’s just start, okay? I put together a list of six products with honest reviews of what I think about them.

Here are my monthly vegan favorites for July 2020:

alverde lippenpflege lip balm

Okay, let’s get one thing straight about this deliciously smelling lip balm: it is super creamy. It literally melts on your lips and it’s so freaking soft that I can’t wait to try it in the wintertime. 

It has a very fresh ginger-y smell that makes you feel really good, especially if you use it after cleaning your skin in the evening/morning. 

The only thing I don’t like is that, because it’s so creamy, I used all of it in about two weeks but it’s also worth the price since it makes my lips super soft. 

balea anti acne face cream vegan

I started using this face cream with my cleaning gel from Afrodita and the combination is marvellous. 

I love massaging my face and neck with it, especially now that it’s summer and I am extra careful with what I put on my skin (it’s like the heat makes it more sensitive than usually). 

It absorbs very well so no need to worry that you will have to sleep on your back until the skin gets dry. 

afrodita family cream vegan

I talked about my super dry hands before and I have yet to find a better hand cream than everything Afrodita has to offer. 

One of the two creams I am obsessed with is this family cream with vitamin E. It smells great and I recommend you use it after showering – maybe even after shaving your legs to moisturize them.

I don’t use it on my face anymore as I really want to stick with Balea, but it didn’t cause any irritation when I did at the beginning. If you tend to get sunburnt in the summer, you can use it to moisturize the skin as it contains jojoba oil and aloe vera.

afrodita hand cream coconut water

Imagine you are dealing with dry skin but you are in a hurry so you are not sure whether or not you should moisturize your hands. I mean, they will be oily and you will leave a mark on everything you’ll touch… a mess.

Well, Afrodita created this light hand cream with 100% coconut water that absorbs in 5 seconds! Yeah, you heard me. 

Forget about having hands like that creepy uncle whose skin is always so moist. We don’t have time for that, people. 

With this hand cream, you get moisturized silky smooth skin, you will take care of the nails and cuticles, plus it smells like delicious coconuts.

vegan powder foundation essence

Finding a foundation that matches your skin tone and hides imperfections is one of the hardest things I had to face as a woman (okay, I’m exaggerating a bit).

I tried every single liquid foundation under the sun and only now have I found one that brings me confidence and joy. 

Essence made this lightweight long-lasting foundation and, I am not kidding, it smells like sunscreen. I could smell it all day long as it reminds me of the beach while I am applying it on my face and neck (remember to do both). 

My skin is still oily and shiny if I am out and about without hiding in the shadow, but compared to all other foundations I tried in the past, this one makes my face one color and less mirror-like.

I have yet to buy a brush for applying compact powder so I just use my fingers to make my nose less shiny which is all that matters. 

I’m not too crazy about applying it all over my face because I wear glasses and the more makeup I wear, the more clown-like I feel. I mean, I get super anxious when I wear mascara so having powder on top of the foundation makes me feel like I can’t breathe properly. 

I know it’s weird but I just need to make my nose and (sometimes) my forehead less shiny and I am good to go. Because it’s suitable for all skin types you don’t need to worry about making the situation worse. 

Here you have it. 6 products that I am loving right now because they are helping me with my skin issues. 

Let me know down in the comment section area if you like these types of posts. I would also like to know if you want more photos or more descriptions with more photos, or if the way I do it now works for you. 

I am faithful to my favorite two brands (Alverde and Afrodita) but since I don’t want to settle on a product that works for me but is perhaps not 100% perfect, I am always open to new findings. 

As long as the brand is vegan-friendly and cruelty-free, count me in. Another thing that attracts me to a product is the price because I do have a budget and I don’t want to go over it. Once I get rich I will spend 50€ on the face cream, but right now? Nah.

But it’s important to keep supporting these brands as this is the only way we will stop the cruelty that occurs in the labs. 

If you want to create a sustainable vegan lifestyle but are not sure how and where to start, make sure you are following me on Pinterest and Instagram.


monthly vegan favorites july 2020

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