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Silence is not violence and not screaming about the cause you care about is not the only way to achieve justice for individuals who are suffering.

Now that we got this out of the way, how about we focus on us, introverts, who are ignored and shamed for doing things a bit differently?

I’m not suggesting we are bullied, but there certainly is a bias toward activists who have never protested or attended a vigil but spend time posting on social media. And I absolutely acknowledge that there is a difference between someone who sometimes reposts a post from PETA and a person who is creating original content that helps people go vegan.

But when it comes to actively using your voice to talk about animal rights and demand justice, is it really that different if you are doing it on the streets or if you are posting on Instagram?

I like to think that each one of us is doing things a bit differently and hitting that spot that no one else can reach. The fact that we are all so different and unique gives us an opportunity to really find a niche and dominate it.

We live in the age of niches. Everyone is focused on only finding people that vote like them, think like them, act like them, and while this is a MAJOR issue and we need to fix it, I will take what I have.

If I don’t resonate with a woke Lefty, I will find those who like Sam Harris and occasionally just for fun, listen to The Ben Shapiro Show. Not because my content is not Left-friendly, but because they probably aren’t going to read my posts anyway.

It’s the same with introverts. We are our own group. 

We go deep and slow and quietly, and when we push we really mean it. You may think we are lazy and not motivated, but we are simply more comfortable when we are alone. And honestly, if that means we are more effective, why would anyone judge us?

No one should have a problem with that and this is why I am sharing 5 activism tips for introverted vegans with you today:

  • Figure out what you love doing and find a way to use it to speak up about animal rights.

Everyone has hobbies, interests and talents but not everyone is aware that they can use them for activism. 

If you love singing, painting, writing, building, coding, taking photos… there is a way to do what you already love and transform lives while doing it. 

Just look around at activists who you watch on YouTube and follow on Instagram. Each and every single one of them has something unique going for them. Not one is forcing themselves to be an activist, they simply added veganism to an activity they already enjoyed doing.

  • Depth over height.

Should we constantly be putting out new content and focusing on new ways to talk about veganism? Yes, of course.

But you know what is even better? Going deep into your creativity and heart, and speaking about animal rights from the place of certainty and peace. Knowing that you are not just doing it for the sake of doing it, but because you care about the value you bring to others.

It doesn’t matter how much you do if it doesn’t produce any change. We have to bring value to people – when you are building relationships you are not just hitting it and quitting it, you are consciously making an effort to do and be better.

  • Only use platforms you feel comfortable using.

I was using Twitter and Facebook for years before realizing that I am allowed to delete them. For some reason I convinced myself that I must be everywhere as an activist.

So after years of trying to reach people whom I was writing my posts for, and failing on my face over and over again, I quit and focused on Pinterest and Instagram.

I have some ethical concerns with TW and FB so leaving them behind gives me the freedom to at least try using platforms that I deem less toxic. 

Eventually, I will automate everything and not spend any time on social media but until then, I am, as I said previously, choosing depth over height. I reach more people by doing two things very well than spreading my energy across multiple websites and failing to build a community on each one.

  • There is no competition when it comes to compassion.

There is this popular activist that often indirectly shames vegans who aren’t doing as much as he is. This is toxic behaviour and, if anything, says more about his reasons for being an advocate than about us.

Listen, you are not in competition with anyone. 

You don’t have to do more than someone else; you just have to do what you can do with what you have and with where you are.

We can make more progress only when we cheer for each other and support what everyone else is doing. I would hope we are all here because we care about other animals and their suffering, not because we want more likes and followers.

  • Storytell.

If there is one thing that helped me when I was transitioning, was hearing stories from people who have done it before me. 

That’s how we get inspired and motivated. By listening to stories and sharing our experience with others. Storytelling is everything!

So go out and talk about your vegan journey. Help those who are where you once were. Share recipes. Answer questions. Give back. Be of service. 

There is so much to be done and through storytelling, you can show people how amazing you feel not exploiting other individuals. Step into your power and be authentic because we crave this so much right now!

Sitting in silence and using it as your power, will give you the energy to do more for other beings.

Everyone has a different way of recharging and for introverts, that’s usually solitude. When you find your peace and quiet, and you get to create from that place, you become an inspiration for others.

Some people prefer to be outside and surround themselves with other beings. I admit that sometimes even I like to attend an event where I can feel the positive vibes emitting from my fellow vegans. 

Usually, I just avoid everyone and write in my room, though.

I do what makes me feel good so that I can then feel even better when helping other people on my own terms. I don’t care if a bunch of assholes think I am not doing enough because I know what I have done and what I had to give up to continue my journey.

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activism tips for introverted vegans