how to serve people better

Today I am focusing on a different kind of animal. 

Homo sapiens.

Yes, the good old humans.

I want to encourage you to serve people better and I will show you how. Because we are in need of more humanity amongst each other. 

We live in scary times when a nuclear bomb can wipe out all of us. Wars are happening all around the world and crazy leaders are threatening with ending it all. 

I don’t know about you but I am scared. I really, really am. 

So what is a better way to deal with the fear than to help? To be of service and offer a helping hand or a shoulder to cry on.

Here are 6 ways to serve people better:

  • Donate clothes that you can afford to give away. Instead of throwing them in the trash or giving them to someone who already has too much stuff, donate them to Red Cross or any other helpful organization.
  • Donate food or volunteer to serve it to the homeless through various organizations and charities. Food is basic for survival and if you can afford it, I am begging you to donate it.
  • Vote for people who will bring about positive change to everyone, not just some. I always say that if we don’t vote, we have no right to complain afterwards. Choose moral and ethical individuals to run your country, city or state.
  • Babysit for your tired and overworked friends. I do this all the time for my sister. When I see that she is too tired and not doing her best, I take my niece and we go out. You have no idea how much this helps mothers and fathers who rarely get time away from being a parent.
  • Bring flowers or offer a helping hand to someone struggling with mental health. I can promise you that there is a person in your life who requires help but is too ashamed to ask for it. Just a little gesture as bringing flowers to a mentally ill person can brighten up their day.
  • Does your busy friend have a dog? What if you took the pup for a walk so your buddy can work without feeling guilty for not having the time to go out? Not only will you be helping them but a walk will do you good as well.

Promise me that you will pick one and do it in the next seven days. Okay?

Maybe we won’t save the world but we can serve people better. We can and should help others in whichever way we can.

This planet needs more love. It needs more compassion, kindness and understanding. And it also needs more people who will live in such a way.

We got this. We really do.

If you feel called to support my work, consider buying me a cup of cappuccino. It helps me greatly.


how to serve people better

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