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I went shopping for beauty products a few weeks ago and found a handful of gems that I want to share with you today.

The closer I get to being thirty, the more I am becoming aware of how crucial it is for me to find skin products and make up that works for me. 

As a teenager it is normal to wear a foundation that doesn’t match your skin tone and have ten different creams, because you are young and barely aware that you actually look horribly orange in your face.

But as a grown-up, this shit has to stop.

After experimenting with different brands and shades and prices and consistencies and ingredients, I finally settled on a few that make me feel the best (and the prettiest).

That doesn’t mean I won’t keep my eye out for something shinier (aka better) around the corner, but I will only grab it if I believe it can upgrade my beauty routine.

Okay, I have decided to take this post a bit lightly and not write a whole essay on why I like a particular item, so I will just share the pros and cons with you. Listen, nothing is perfect and we shouldn’t be looking for it, so cons are necessary!

Here are my vegan autumn favorites – beauty edition:

lip balm alverde vegan ginger bamboo

Pros: It’s very creamy and it smells so fresh that you will not be able to stop applying it on your lips. I love how it wakes me up after I wash my face and brush my teeth in the morning, and then apply the lip balm. It finishes the morning routine.

Cons: Because you are not able to stop applying it so often you get through with it in like two weeks. I am not kidding, it melts on your lips and makes them perfectly soft. 

face body cream alverde vegan

Pros: My face has improved tremendously after really horrible breakouts I was experiencing throughout the summer just by using this cream. It makes my skin smooth and not at all oily even though it doesn’t absorb right away.

Cons: Even though it can be used both on your body and face, my hands are not getting the best treatment when using only this cream. They are extremely dry and I need something richer and creamier to hydrate them when they start bleeding (yeah, it gets really bad).

vegan cleansing gel afrodita cosmetics hyaluronic acid

Pros: This has been a game-changer for my face because it cleans everything… I mean everything. All the makeup is gone in seconds and the foam feels so good against tired skin. My face is also less red and I definitely notice if I forget to use it for a few days.

Cons: Honestly, there is nothing I don’t like about this cleansing gel.

vegan foundation essence pale skin

Pros: It covers most of my acne and redness, and it’s also the closest thing to my skin tone in the summertime. It smells like sunscreen and gives me a beautiful matt finish – well, as matt as my oily skin allows it.

Cons: I said that it’s very close to my skin tone in the summertime, but I’ve never tried it during winter when my barely noticeable tan is gone. This will really put it to the test, although I am willing to mix it with cream to make it more pale-skin friendly.

dontodent gold toothpaste vegan dm

This was an impulse buy and not a product I use all the time, but since I have been brushing my teeth with it for a few weeks now I figured I will tell you about it.

Pros: It is vegan and doesn’t taste bad. It has a neutral taste so you can drink orange juice afterwards without having a weird feeling in your mouth. Plus, it cost around 1.50€ which is such a steal!

Cons: It’s just not what I’m looking for and I do regret buying it. Not because it is bad, but because it was an impulse buy and I got tricked by the shiny packaging.


Some I reviewed in the past and you can find them here.

Autumn is my favorite season, closely followed by winter, so looking my best gives this phase an additional charm. When you look good, you feel good, it’s true.

When I go hunt for things I need and want I am mainly looking for products made in Europe. It’s really important for me to support things that were created on my continent because we tend to be pickier about what gets in them.

Of course, not everything is super natural but as nations united together we value natural ingredients a tad more, in my humble opinion. 

I also want to support our economy and show there is a demand for vegan products in the EU, and that you can make money with it too!

Am I just offending all other continents, haha? Not my intention but you know what I mean. We are all very honest here because it’s the only thing we have left – saying what we want to say, no pretending.

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