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I was walking the other day and thinking about how much I dislike most of the plant-based milk we have available to us.

Ever since I went vegan, I was looking for that one special milk that I could use in cappuccino, cereal and for baking. I wanted that one perfect drink I can have as a go-to.

But that’s not how any plant milk works.

There are way too many flavors, consistencies and brands to settle just for one or to even think one can be enough.

While plain soy milk may be perfect for coffee and cappuccino, you might want to try the coconut and hazelnut milk for cereals and oatmeal. If you are baking, you probably don’t want a strong flavor mixing with other ingredients so you can go for plain soya, oat or rice milk.

Ask yourself these questions to find the perfect plant milk:

  • Why do I need it? Am I baking? Cooking? Mixing it with tea or coffee? Just drinking it?
  • Do I want plain soy, rice, oat or almond flavor? Do I want a strong flavor?
  • Do I want milk that is thick and creamy or more watery?

Your questions will determine what plant milk you should buy and use. 

For example, I only drink plain soy milk in my cappuccino but when I bake I can go for almond as well. On the other hand, if I actually want to just drink milk in a cup, I will go for hazelnut or chocolate if I can find a good brand.

I hate coconut, rice and oat milk and I don’t like all brands. Alpro makes the best plant-based alternatives to dairy products but Joya only impresses me with yoghurts while their milk lacks thickness.

Listen, there are way too many flavors and brands of plant milk to take this lightly. 

While non-vegans usually go for dairy that comes from rape, abuse, exploitation and slavery, we go for hazelnut and oat milk. Guess what? Hazelnuts are not crying out for their stolen babies and oats don’t need to be raped to start producing milk.

To find the perfect beverage for your breakfast you only need to experiment a little and be open to new flavors. 

And you don’t even have to drink milk because you get calcium from vegetables you consume in abundance. Why even drink it as an adult when other species of animals don’t do it? 

We do it because it gives us comfort and reminds us of when we were children but that’s it. There is nothing that dairy gives you that you cannot get by eating a whole food plant-based diet.

Almond and soy milk are just as delicious as dairy can be, but also healthier and more ethical.

Go on a journey in the plant land and find that perfect beverage that will bring you back to the old days. With such a wide variety of plant milk, you are bound to find the one.

But if you still can’t find one that you enjoy, don’t worry about it. You still have water, coffee and tea available.

You will survive, I promise.

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