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Can you believe that it’s 2020 and I am still into ASMR?

I honestly thought this would go away back in 2018 and I will find something new to be my background noise for when I write, but here we are. I still listen to it and get tingles when someone scratches the fuck out of a rough surface.

I don’t know about you but I feel like we are normalizing this weird audio experience.

Celebrities are doing it, brands are doing it and honestly, I would not be surprised if we get a podcast that is hosted by people who whisper. Or does that already exist? Seriously, does it?

Either way, we have so many YouTube channels available to us that it can be hard to determine which ones are worthy of our time and attention.

I am a mostly humble person but when it comes to finding content that deserves to be appreciated, I believe I can detect the real deal. So today I want to share ASMR channels that are actually relaxing and good.

Because, sweetie, we don’t have time for average anymore. Time is precious and so is our attention.

If you are ready to calm your nerves, here are ASMR channels that you must check out:

The first thing one might think when watching her videos is how sexualized her content is, but to me, that is the point. She plays the game, makes fun of people who only come for the boobs and actually delivers good ASMR. 

I feel like women appreciate the sounds more than men because all the comments are about boobs and sexual innuendo. 

All I’m saying is that I don’t know what Valeriya’s secret to making a great ASMR video is but if she has to be sensual and sexual to reach that quality, I support it.

If you’re not a perv or super Conservative you will appreciate the sounds and ASMR – if you are, please don’t be creepy to her and stay on PornHub, okay? I don’t want her to go away for months yet again because some of you are assholes.

My second favorite Russian, or Ukrainian, person in the ASMR Land.

If you love short videos and outside noise, you will love Juliana. Her nails and ear for finding just the right sounds will calm you down in minutes.

I love the 10-minute videos she makes with 100 triggers because I usually watch them since they are visually pleasing. Actually, she is the only person whose videos I watch and not just listen.

The only male on this list and on the list of channels I am subscribed to.

It’s not that there are no other males who make good ASMR, it’s that he is the only one who has the voice, the sound quality and the speed (fast and loud ASMR is my favorite, I absolutely hate slow and quiet sounds).

I love his unboxing videos because there is so much going on and the scratching is wonderful. I mentioned his voice before and that is because it’s just the perfect ASMR voice, it alone makes you want to lay down and close your eyes.

The videos are also of perfect length, on average around 40 minutes, which is not too long and not too short.

The thing with Gina is that she makes lifestyle-ish ASMR videos and there is always a story to them.

Many of us love her movie-like intros, perfect visuals and excellent sound quality. But above all of that, Gina is just really comfortable in her skin and you can tell.

Well, she does have an OnlyFans account but you know what I mean… Some people are so naturally confident that you enjoy watching them. She doesn’t pretend, she just doesn’t give a fuck what anyone thinks of what she does.

It makes her channel one of a kind, too. Not many are naturally comfortable in front of the camera. 

This was my favorite channel for the longest, but as years went by I needed more noise in my ears.

Still, I included Emma here because there are times when you want to feel like a child who needs to be told by their mother the world will be okay again. And as someone who doesn’t have a mother, she really makes me feel safe.

On those rainy days when you have a runny nose and your throat is itchy, you want to get under the covers and listen to a relaxing video by WhispersRed.

Emma is in my opinion the ultimate queen of ASMR and the only one who is doing it out of pure love for helping people. She is motherly, you know, and we all want to be taken care of – even if just through a video.


Now that you know these beautiful humans who provide relaxation, you can lay down and let go of worries for a few minutes. 

Although I love meditation and talk about it all the time, ASMR works equally well if you are just beginning to learn about mindfulness. 

Not all ASMR is created equally, obviously, but if you go for the ones with only sounds and no talking, you can concentrate on what you’re hearing and practise being mindful that way.

If you workout to keep your body healthy, you need to also move your mind by not being attached to every thought that appears. Mental health is health.

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