take care of yourself without spending money

Let’s talk about self-care routines and how to rock them, alright?

A common misconception is that we need to spend a ton of money to pamper ourselves. That is not true and I want to share with you a few ideas that will completely change the way you take care of yourself. 

I’m going to take the liberty to assume that you have a budget when it comes to how much money you spend on beauty products. Unless you are making big bucks, you are not out there shopping until your feet hurt.

I like being responsible with how I spend my money, and investing in natural products is definitely the way to go. But before I invest, I like to look around and see what I have available to me for free.

As an environmentalist, being a minimalist is important to me, and if you are reading this, you are probably the same. There is just something pleasurable about knowing that I can figure out how to use a thing for more than just one purpose.

But… this post is not only about outer beauty; it’s also about taking care of our whole selves (including our mind and body).

Here is how to take care of yourself without spending any money:

  • Mix sugar or salt with a conditioner to get a body & face scrub. 

Be careful to use salt only on your body as it can damage your skin, but you don’t have to throw away that conditioner you realized is not working for your hair. Just use it to get smoother skin!

Another ingredient I use is coffee. 

For such a long time I was searching for different products at stores that were specifically made for body scrubs and face peelings until I opened my cupboard and saw an abundance of materials I could work with if I wanted to.

Now, I pamper my skin with scrubs I made by myself, and although coffee is not the best smelling thing I put on my face, it sure makes my skin smooth and clean-ish.

  • Get your booty moving at home. 

It may seem better to go to the gym and get motivated by a teacher you can see in person, but you don’t have to spend money if you know how to find a YouTube fitness leader that works for you. 

Some of the workout channels I used in the past were Blogilates, Boho Beautiful and Tone It Up.

With a little bit of research, you can start moving at home, inspired by the woman on screen cheering on you, and with a whole community, you can connect to!

This works so well for those of us who need someone to push us – maybe even yell at us – but kind of want to stay at home and do the moving away from other people.

You can also try apps.

  • Put your earbuds in and relax.

Why not take advantage of free meditations and ASMR videos that provide a beautiful safe space for you if you are struggling with stress or mental illness?

I am a big advocate for having a regular meditation practise, but I also listen to ASMR on a daily basis to relax and step away from the stress of daily life. Our mental health influences our physical health, so you need to start in your head before you move down.

I have spoken about the Waking Up meditation app often in the past, but because this post is about free ways to take care of yourself, I will give a free month to everyone who emails me for the link.

As for the ASMR channels you can check out, my favorites are Batala, Gina Carla, Emma and Juliana.

Find something that works for you – I believe it is important you take a few minutes every day to relax and focus on your breath.

  • Use plants to make your own face and hair masks.

Instead of polluting the ocean with plastic packages that used to contain face or hair masks, why not go to your kitchen and get creative?

Everything from strawberries, cucumbers, tomatoes, apples and bananas can be used as a nourishing mask that will hydrate and feed your skin. Mash fruits and vegetables to find the best combination for your largest organ.

Why would you spend money on something that can be found in your backyard or in the garden? It is time we start being more natural and eco-friendly when we want to pamper ourselves.

See? Who said that you have to spend money to take care of yourself? I didn’t.

So many of us are ready to step into the better version of ourselves when it comes to treating Earth with kindness. Why not start with our self-care routines? 

I hope I inspired you to look around your home (or garden) and find new ways to use what you already own. Just because you’ve never tried it, it doesn’t mean it won’t work. 

I am striving to be more conscious of how I treat money and what I vote for when I use it. Not only when it comes to investing and saving, but also how to use less of it for things that can be done for free. 

Now that I spend fewer Euros on beauty products, I can buy more books!

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take care of yourself without spending any money

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