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This is going to be a fun post. 

I wanted to write something that will help you understand environmentalism but also inspire you to take action in your own life.

I love talking about climate change simply because I love seeing people come together and help our planet. It is one of the few things that truly connect most humans on Earth.

I would hope so, as global warming will affect everyone, not just a few chosen ones. The changes are already felt, whether you live in Africa or South America. Earth doesn’t discriminate.

Although there are no commandments when it comes to environmentalism, there are things that we all do and recommend others practise as well. 

You’ve heard of all of them, and I bet you are doing at least a handful already. They are basic eco-friendly actions that are super easy and popular.

You truly don’t have to go overboard to protect the environment. With a few tips and tricks, your life will remain pretty much the same as it always was. And what does change is never as scary as we imagine. 

But it does matter that we are constantly learning and searching for ways to do better.

That’s why I want to share with you the 8 commandments of environmentalism:

  • It is about realistic progress, not unattainable perfection. While we dream big and visualize a green world, we stand firmly on the ground, in real-time. We know change takes time and that climate change can only be managed, not stopped.
  • Everyone can contribute. No matter how small or unknown a person is, everyone can do their part in fighting climate change. Before we want to change major corporations, we must make sure our actions match our words first.
  • Vote with your money. Every time you are shopping, ask yourself whether your purchase is contributing to global warming and pollution. We support ethical, eco-friendly and green products, services and items, as much as possible.
  • Quality over quantity. When we invest money in a product or item, we look for durability and sustainability, not how much of it we can get. We are not looking for more, we are looking for the best.
  • We are focused on all life, not just our own. When working on solutions, we are not selfish and egocentric. We know this is a threat to all life on this planet and we must work towards the greater good for everyone under the sun. 
  • We are open to all solutions. No matter how weird, rare or unpopular an idea may be, we are willing to research the possibility of it working.
  • Start local, think global. We are willing to connect and inspire people in our close circle before we start dreaming of changing the world. 
  • Only share the truth. Beliefs and opinions can be shared, but what we are seeking is data, statistics and studies supported by science. We are honest and trustworthy.

I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below. Which of these commandments do you like best?

I am so excited to see humans rise up and work together to prevent climate change from destroying millions of lives.

Earth needs us to keep her green. We owe it to her. After all, we started this dangerous game when we convinced ourselves that driving cars and eating meat three times a day is harmless.

You, on the other hand, are not like the majority of humans who still refuse to take responsibility. 

You are smart and willing to help. You love humanity and all other animals. You have a good heart and a good head on your shoulders. You are one of the people who will make a difference in the world.

You are needed. The world is a better place because you exist. And I know these are all cliches, but I truly, deeply believe you are like that.

I need you to believe that, too. It’s the only we can get more badass warriors to fight the bad guys and protect our mother Earth. Confidence is key, right?

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