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Talking about meditation and mindset is my favorite topic so I am excited about sharing my love for it with you.

Experiencing an extra dose of depression once I went vegan was the most difficult thing about the whole change. How do you look at people when you know what they support? How do you look at the world?

It can be difficult finding beauty around you when all you see and hear is suffering. I live near a piggery and a dairy farm. All I hear every day are screaming pigs and cows, but there is no way of liberating them.

I can close the window or listen to music to avoid hearing cows calling out for their babies, but I can’t forget about it. Practising mindfulness and meditating regularly, helps me keep sane in a world that can push anyone into insanity.

One of my favorite tools to help me feel good even while knowing about the cruelty around me is a book called Waking Up, written by Sam Harris. I mention it all the time because it really changed everything for me when it comes to mental health.

Meditation is not going to heal me from any illnesses, but it will get me to notice the thoughts and not feel attached to them so often. Once you are aware that thoughts come and go, it is easier to endure mental suffering. 

Even in the midst of mental pain, you can remind yourself that it’s not real. Of course, having a mental illness is a very real thing, but the thoughts that come with it are not. Beneath the disorder is pure consciousness, and with meditation, we can reach that state of simply being.

Sam is so much better at talking about consciousness and how mindfulness helps us live better lives, so do make sure you read his book Waking Up. It’s my favorite non-fiction book and I wouldn’t be recommending it if I didn’t read it a hundred times already because it’s so good.

Another tool is a meditation app created by Sam Harris, also called Waking Up. You can read about what I love most about it here

The suffering of other animals is very much real and no matter how hard we pretend it doesn’t exist, we can’t just think it away.

I used to know someone who said that if you don’t see it, it’s not real and sometimes I wish I could be as ignorant as he was. It sure made it easier for him to go back to eating his fellow animals. 

But I don’t want that. I don’t want to not know about the slaughter, exploitation, abuse and slavery of other individuals. 

I want to know about it and be mentally well enough to be able to do something that will change that. I will take the liberty to assume you want that too. 

Give meditation a try for a few days. It will change your life so that you can then change the lives of others. 

Take care of your mental health and you will be able to take care of many other beings who depend on you being healthy enough to fight for their rights.

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