animal-friendly lifestyle

Let’s be very honest for a minute.

Most of us don’t want others to suffer for our pleasure. We just want to have a good time and let others do the same.

Sadly, we are complicated and human, so naturally, we fail at making that a reality. Still, I don’t think we have to give up and do nothing because we cannot do everything.

I want to share with you a few ways you can be of service to your fellow animals today and every day. It takes very little away from us to be kinder to the most innocent but it makes a much-needed difference to those on the other end.

Here are 7 ways to live an animal-friendly lifestyle:

  • Hang a birdhouse on a nearby tree and regularly put seeds in it. Make sure to have a little bowl with water next to it as well as they need to drink too.
  • Volunteer at a shelter and take dogs for a walk. Or play with kitties that need company and care.
  • Donate food to shelters and sanctuaries. Also, donate toys, blankets and anything else that could be used to entertain or keep other animals warm.
  • Avoid pesticides when dealing with insects and bugs. Try natural remedies first and only go for the big guns when there really are no other options (like when ants are already in your home and you cannot just ask them to leave).
  • If possible, adopt and welcome a companion animal in your home. 
  • Eat plant-based and adopt a vegan lifestyle
  • Reduce the amount of plastic you buy. Start with the little things first – like glitter, straws and plastic bags. Once you get your reusable water bottle and a bamboo toothbrush, you will automatically become more mindful of what you buy every day.

I always want to encourage everyone to strive towards making progress. 

We will never live a life where no one will get hurt because of the choices we are making, but we can do our best. With the ideas I gave to you, I hope to inspire you to pick just one and do it.

We are all responsible for other animals we share this planet with, because we are the ones taking their homes, killing their families and turning them into slaves for our selfish deeds.

We cannot save all the orangutans today and it will take decades before all countries ban the use of non-human animals in circuses, but you can feed a handful of birds in the next 24 hours.

You can buy plants and show there is a demand for vegan alternatives. You can start pushing towards a better future for all individuals with the small steps you take right now.

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animal-friendly lifestyle