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This post today is all about the basics. 

I cover different topics about veganism and animal rights all the time, but I want to really focus on the vegan tips everyone needs to know.

From those who are vegan, still transitioning, or just thinking about it. 

There are things you must remember to lead an animal-friendly lifestyle that brings you joy and peace. We need to start caring about our inner peace, people. It’s the only way we can lead sustainable ethical lives.

I wrote so many blog posts about this topic in the past that I am bound to repeat all the advice, but it is only to make sure you really understand it. 

If you are serious about being a good human, you will need to put some work into it. Trust me, doing good things comes with hard work and dedication because we are flawed beings. 

Be responsible and put all the pieces in order to prevent any mistakes from being made and to feel good on your journey. You got this!

Here are vegan tips everyone needs to know:

  • Your mental health is the most important thing in the world.

You can’t help anyone if you’re dead. It’s true.

Knowing that you are taken care of and feeling good in your mind and body will only make you more motivated to continue making ethical choices. 

Do whatever is needed to fill yourself up first. Only then will you have enough compassion, love and kindness to give to others. 

Prioritize your own healing. Go to therapy, find a psychiatrist, start taking pills. Or begin meditating, read relaxing books and pamper the heck out of yourself. 

You know what you need. Listen. Obey.

  • You don’t need vegan friends, but you do need support.

I have zero vegan friends. Actually, I don’t have any friends that are seen by real people but that’s a topic for another day.

Still, I am handling this vegan thing great. 

This is because I know what my values are and because I created boundaries with those around me. They know very clearly what is allowed and what will not be tolerated. 

You do not need vegan friends, okay? What you do need are people who will respect your lifestyle and will support you no matter what. People who will stand by you, always. 

Someone being plant-based does not automatically make them a good match, while there are many animal-eaters whom you have plenty in common with. 

This is not about settling for those who are doing something you deem unethical. It’s about knowing we live in a non-vegan world and people are still evolving morally. 

If you want to have friends, choose those who love you, not those who are just vegan.

Set boundaries with those around you and make sure to let them know you want them in your life, but you expect them to be respectable. 

At the end of the day, it’s not about them being vegan, it’s about being treated well.

  • It’s okay to feel overwhelmed.

When you are transitioning or already living vegan, things might get a bit overwhelming. 

You are expected to be perfect, always active and never mistaken. Go vegan overnight if you are starting, and never fail if you’ve been at this for years. 

It can drive you insane trying to keep up with everyone and never do anything wrong. Sometimes I feel like we are expected to not be human, but robots who live by a certain set of rules, perfect and effective.

Take your time. I mean it. Take your damn time and go at your own pace. If that is required for you to actually make animal-friendly choices, I say do it. 

I truly believe following these vegan tips will make your plant-based lifestyle more enjoyable and calm.

The things I’ve learnt in the past 6 years have opened my eyes to other individuals who didn’t know better. So many went back to exploiting non-human animals because no one offered to help them.

It’s heartbreaking. 

How can we claim we want a vegan world if we can’t even help those who already are living this way? That’s why I am so eager to share my knowledge. To help. To inspire. To motivate. 

Maybe I sound naive, thinking I can have an impact on someone else, but there were people who did this for me. When I needed help, I had podcasts and books by people who cared about me. 

Now, it’s on me to do my part.

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vegan tips 2021

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