stop polluting our sea

I absolutely love our seas and oceans. 

Although I have a fear of large bodies of water and sea animals, I still respect the place we evolved from. Did you know we evolved from fish? It’s wonderful.

That’s why knowing how badly we are treating our original home is even more heartbreaking. 

Do we even care that sharks are dying? Do we care that in a few decades we will see fishless oceans? Do we care that turtles are choking on plastic straws? Do we care about anything but ourselves?

I don’t know what your answers are, but I absolutely do give a fuck about all of these issues. They matter to me. I hope they matter to you too. They should.

We came from the sea and yet we are disconnected from it. We throw trash in it, spill blood and oil in it, treat it as if it were infinite and self-cleaning.

Social media is our tool of deception through which we lie to others about how environmentally conscious we are but we can no longer live like this. I know you can do better and I’m willing to share what I know.

If you want to help, here are 3 things you can do today to stop polluting our sea:

  • Grow your own food.

The best way to avoid plastic is to not buy anything wrapped in it in the first place.

Potatoes, beans, tomatoes, and apples, pears and berries, all of that can be grown just a few meters away from you. Many individuals even manage to grow their own veggies while living in the smallest apartment you’ve ever seen.

You save money, time, and of course, you are being kind to our seas. No more blueberries in a plastic container, now you can just eat them off the bush.

If you are able to do that, please consider it. 

  • Eat more natural sugar. 

I don’t know about you but when I eat too much candy, my mouth just starts hurting in a way. It’s like my body is shouting at me to stop consuming things that are harming me.

When I eat pineapple or mango, on the other hand, it is quiet. It is satisfied. 

A while ago I found myself slightly addicted to these new cola sour candy we got in our local store. I could not stop buying them and the amount of plastic packaging was growing in my bag.

This was not who I wanted to be. This was not what I was preaching. So I changed.

It was difficult but nectarines are sweeter than any chocolate could ever be and much healthier for me and the environment.

  • Invest in eco tools.

Reusable mesh produce bags, glass water bottles you can take everywhere with you, cotton bags… you know all of these things.

But have you invested in these eco-friendly tools? They cost a few Euros but last for years if not decades. Quality is not always expensive and if you know where to shop, you can truly make an investment you will be proud of for years.

Most people who want to stop polluting our sea start here. It is one of the easiest steps you can take.

The summer may be over but whales, dolphins, crabs and fish are still living in the sea. 

They can never leave. Deep inside the water is their home and no matter how much they wish for it to be clean, it won’t be until we change.

We must change. Change what we buy. Change what and who we eat. Change what we consume every day in every form. Change who we are and what we value.

You and I need to stop polluting our sea. Stop polluting our sea and killing our brothers and sisters. Our cousins. Life. 

Humans know what to do. All the answers are already known and available to be seen and acknowledged. We just have to want to do that. 

Let’s do better today! Let’s make planet Earth beautiful and green again.

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stop polluting our sea