veganuary 2021 tips

Veganuary is just a few days away and I am so excited about this challenge!

I know how overwhelming you might be feeling these days but I want to make sure you start this journey with the right mindset.

To go vegan for a month is a perfect way to start this year and you will see how amazing you will feel at the end of it. But only if you do it right, of course – no cheating or whining before you even begin.

I have met people who wanted to transition but never had the right attitude. They knew they were going to quit before they even had their first plant-based meal. 

But you are not like them. Not at all.

You are open and excited about what is about to come. January is yours to conquer and everyone in this community is cheering for you.

That is why I want to share a few tips that will help you make Veganuary 2021 amazing and successful:

  • Connect with like-minded individuals.

If you think it will be easier to complete the challenge if you have other newbies by your side, don’t be shy to reach out.

Hundreds of thousands of people are exactly where you are and most of them are not eager to go through this alone. Have the courage to send a DM, join a forum or ask around to find those who would like to form a little support group.

I often encourage people to reach out to me through email so I will do the same thing here. Say hi or ramble about something – we can even talk about things that are not related to veganism if this is what you need.

We must support each other.

  • Document your journey on social media.

This is very popular during Veganuary because everyone wants to show off their newfound passion and how their cooking skills are improving.

It is extremely beautiful to see so many humans be genuinely happy about this lifestyle and the changes they are experiencing.

Choose a platform you like best and document your meal plans throughout the whole month of January. Or share tips and feedback, maybe just a daily pros and cons list. Or what you are reading and which documentaries you are watching.

There is just so much you can do on social media as a vegan.

Not only will you inspire others to sign up for the challenge as well, but with all the support you will receive, it will be much easier to continue.

  • Have fun experimenting.

It’s all about being a kid again and discovering the unknown. Or if you love to travel, imagine how it feels to be in a foreign country, figuring out the language, directions and best restaurants.

You get to cook and bake things you’ve never heard of before, your knowledge is expanding with all the information you are receiving, and you are reconnecting to nature and your fellow animals.

Things will never be the same again for most people who participate in Veganuary, and that is wonderful. 

We need to move. We need to stumble and fall on our way to a better life. We need to be challenged and reminded that we don’t know everything. This is what pushes us to thrive – things that get us out of our comfort zone.

  • Be open to learning what you don’t know.

Related to the tip above but it needs to be repeated.

You have to want to do this challenge, not be shamed or bullied into it. A negative attitude can ruin everything and right now, we can’t afford to not be kind to ourselves.

Maybe you will stay vegan or maybe you won’t, that is not a question we need to answer today. What we do need is your cooperation. We need you to give veganism and a plant-based diet a chance.

Just for a month, okay? Once you finish, you can plan for the future and where you want to go. But right now, be here.

Are you looking forward to being vegan for a few weeks? I wonder what your feedback will be when the challenge ends.

But anyway, we have to focus on the present moment.

I encourage you to not set your expectations too high but at the same time, don’t expect the worst either. Make the most out of this challenge and aim to expand your compassion to all beings.

You got this. All of us were scared and confused at the beginning because you are starting to walk on a new path, one that you are not familiar with. It would be ridiculous to not feel anything.

The difference between those who are doing Veganuary 2021 and those who were plant-based 30 years ago is that today you have people all over the globe willing to mentor you. 

You have all the resources you require, for free. Are you going to take advantage of them?

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