what to do when you have an anxiety attack

I remember sitting on a train, surrounded by almost a hundred people and feeling like I am about to pass out.

Anxiety is a bitch. 

It holds you hostage and tortures you in moments when you are already uncomfortable. Like when you are on a train, heading to work, sitting next to people who talk about killing cats, and all you can smell are cigarettes.

It took me weeks to stop feeling anxious but at one point I did it. I finally managed to be peaceful in situations that otherwise made me scream with anguish.

Now I want to share with you how I did it.

Here is what to do when you have an anxiety attack:

  • Acknowledge that you are anxious.

The easiest thing is to try and push anxiety behind a wall from where it cannot hurt you. Or so you think.

The truth is, once you acknowledge that you are anxious, you finally face it. This means you have the power now and can dictate what happens from this moment forward.

  • Accept the state you are in.

Now that you’ve acknowledged anxiety, you have to accept it as truth.

It is here. It is happening. Deal with it, love. It won’t go away until you’re okay with it being here.

  • Breathe through it.

The final state is breathing through it.

That means you accept that you might pass out or fall down or scream, but you still continue doing what you do best. Breathe.

When you feel like giving up, breathe. When shit hits the fan, breathe. When you start to cry, breathe. Just breathe through whatever life throws at you. 

I hope these tips helped you. Just try them out and see what sticks. Leave out the rest.

Anxiety is your friend. It helps you recognize what needs to be noticed by you. You can only hide from it for so long before it gets you.

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what to do when you have an anxiety attack