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business books all bloggers must read

As a blogger, I am always learning about new ways to grow and expand my knowledge. 

Business books are my drug of choice. I love reading them and getting out of them as much as possible. Especially when it comes to marketing, growing an audience and creating content.

I own hundreds of books and most of them are about things that helped me grow my blog. I wouldn’t be where I am today if it weren’t for them.

It is incredibly important to keep learning new things and educating ourselves.

Here are 4 business books all bloggers must read:

This is the Bible of business books. It contains absolutely everything you need to know about starting a business or a start:up.

From how to find your audience and market to them, to which social media platforms to use and everything about bookkeeping. Literally, everything you need to know about taking your blog from zero to one hundred is in this book.

The best part about it? It is fucking thick and heavy which is something I absolutely love. It makes me feel like there are secrets inside that no one else knows – and that is kind of true.

To succeed you need to create your own market and differentiate yourself from the rest. You need to stand out from everyone else.

This wonderful book is a guide on how to do just that. Written for women, it shows you how to create a business that is so different from others that you don’t need to compete with anyone. 

I love that it is so full of short tips and summaries. Packed with information but it comes in small bites that you can always come back to. 

Hands down, the funnest business book you will ever read. Educational but written in a way that will make you read it in one go.

Jacklyn, the author, writes about everything – absolutely everything – you need to know to start your business and scale it. 

One thing I particularly like is that she shares stories from actual bloggers who made it. You will learn so much from them, as well as the story of how Jacklyn started her company Create & Cultivate.

This workbook is pivotal in creating any business, especially if you are a blogger.

It helps you create a vision, find your strengths, study competition, set goals and other things necessary to build a job you love.

It’s fun and creative, and you will love the graphics, quotes and prompts it contains. Full of colours and interesting ideas on how to start, run and grow your business idea.

So much great material! Which one will you read first?

These 4 business books all bloggers must read have helped me tremendously on my journey. I became a better marketer, writer, content creator and entrepreneur.

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business books all bloggers must read 2022