avoid becoming an ex-vegan

We’ve all heard of people who used to be vegan but are not anymore.

They are pretty much everywhere. And they are loud, too.

Because I hate seeing people go back to consuming animal products and causing needless murder, I want to help you. You don’t have to become an ex-vegan and I will show you how.

For me, the most important thing is to prove to you that there are ways to follow to stay vegan forever. I have been vegan for almost 8 years, and life has never been better.

Veganism taught me how to be compassionate towards those who are not like me, and to live in peace. You know what they say, live and let live. Well, I’m doing that.

So, here is how to avoid becoming an ex-vegan:

  • Find a supportive community.

A healthy group of people surrounding you is the key to maintaining a vegan lifestyle. They will hold you accountable and hold your hand when things get tough.

Not everyone needs to have vegan friends but for the majority, this is crucial.

You need someone who will stand by your side when you are doubting if this is right for you, or when you find yourself bombarded by negative reactions from people in your close circle. Vegan friends will have your back, no matter what happens.

  • Stop making veganism your whole life.

This is a controversial one, but I stand by it 100%.

While veganism is a lifestyle, too many people become obsessed with it. Their whole lives are about how vegan they are and how vegan they can be. It is not natural.

Rather, take it easy and live according to your values of compassion and kindness. Do what you want to do, be vegan but stop being obsessed with the label to the point of trying to be perfect. You won’t be.

Just be, stop trying.

  • Take your health seriously. 

We want to live long lives and be in great health. But for this to be true, we need to take it seriously.

The basics always work, so workout, drink water, eat plants and get 8 hours of sleep. Also, remember to meditate and have healthy relationships that fulfil you and bring you joy.

You cannot predict cancer or diabetes, but you can predict whether or not you will go for a walk today and how many cups of fresh water you will drink.

  • Remind yourself often of why you are vegan.

One of the things that help us stay vegan is reminding ourselves of why we started. What was it that changed us? What was the catalyst?

I do that by following accounts that post graphic videos and photos. Seeing non-human animals get killed and tortured reminds me of why I do what I do.

For you, it may be something else. Perhaps seeing blood every day will make you depressed, so you can opt for less graphic accounts. I love Mercy For Animals. They show just enough to count as a reminder.

You already know what you need.

Now that you have the tips to stay plant-based forever, you will avoid becoming an ex-vegan.

This means countless non-human animal lives will be saved and you will not be contributing to the biggest cause of climate change – animal agriculture.

Doesn’t that sound good? It really, really does.

You got this. You always have.

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how to avoid becoming an ex-vegan

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