asmr 2023

It is 2023 and I am still a fan of ASMR. Matter of fact, it has become an even more significant part of my life. Such a big part that I want to write about it more often. 

I am actually listening to it right now, as I write this. I also listen to it before I fall asleep to help calm me down and put me in the right mood.

Although I am noticing that some of my favourite ASMRtists are having fewer viewers than before, I still want to share my favourite channels with you. (Personally, I think ASMR is still in the beginning phase.) 

Hopefully, you find them relaxing and beautiful, as I do. Use it to calm down and fall asleep fast. 

Here are ASMR 2023 channels worth subscribing to:

Listening to Jeannie is like having a warm cup of cappuccino with your grandma, sitting on a cosy couch. She makes ASMR that makes me feel loved and listened to. I usually listen to her when I write as I like having someone speak in the background with calm triggers like flipping magazine pages.

Maria is my all-time favourite ASMRtist and she is the one who whispers in my ear while I am falling asleep every night. She has the best triggers in the world… from softly brushing your hair to the sounds of chimes and sound bowls. Plus, she has the most wonderful voice in the world to listen to.

It is no secret that I want to live in Australia one day, so Kelly brings me some love from down under every time I watch her videos. Actually, she used to live in Noosa which is exactly the place that I want to move to. Kelly has great ASMR videos for sleep and ADHD.

Emma was my first ASMR love and I will be forever grateful to her for how her videos helped me when I struggled with my mental health during COVID. She has this calming effect on all of her viewers, plus she is an amazing person who cares about non-human animals as well. What else could you want?

These ASMR 2023 channels are some of the best medicines for my anxiety and depression. They help me look within, sleep calmly and be more mindful in my day-to-day life.

Gone are the days when I craved strong aggressive triggers and visually appealing content. Now, I want simple videos that are heavily focused on calmness and positive messages.

Does that mean I am growing up? Haha.

If you feel called to support my work, consider buying me a cup of cappuccino. It helps me greatly.


asmr 2023