8 years of being vegan

Eight years. Eight years of trying my best to not exploit non-human animals and eight years of living according to my deepest values.

Time flies fast and in no time I will be celebrating a decade. But for now, let’s focus on those eight wonderful years I have behind me.

They were full of adventure and exploration. And I wouldn’t trade them for anything.

What have I learnt in my 8 years of being vegan? What will I take with me and what will I leave behind? Let’s find out.

  • B12 is an essential vitamin and you should take your supplement every single day. I stopped taking it for a couple of months and it caught up with me really quickly.
  • Never put your vegan happiness in the hands of someone else. Ignore influencers and focus on yourself and your own path.
  • Create a life outside of your vegan lifestyle to keep yourself sane and happy. Instead of becoming obsessed with all things #vegan, create a life that feels good to you.
  • Consume more plants and eat less junk food. You will feel and look better.
  • Stop trying to be a perfect vegan and instead just BE vegan. It’s as simple as that. The more you try, the more likely you are to fail at something and then feel depressed about it.
  • Invest in your education and never stop learning about veganism and animal rights. I have a few books here that you might want to read. My favourite vegan book so far is The Joyful Vegan.
  • Adopt a companion animal and your life will never be the same again in the best way possible. We adopted three cats after going vegan (and we had an adopted dog at home already) and they are amazing family members who make us laugh all the time.
  • Surround yourself with people who uplift you and support you on your journey. You don’t need vegan friends necessarily, but you do need a community.

Here you go. 8 things I have learned in my 8 years of being vegan.

Now, you tell me. What have YOU learnt in your time of living plant-based? Leave a comment down below and let’s talk. 

Remember, every day you learn something new and it is up to you if you’ll take it or leave it behind.

You got this.

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8 years of being vegan