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vegan books 2021

You know I am a big reader.

Books have been my most favourite resource when I was at the beginning of my vegan journey. I’ve learnt pretty much everything I needed to know by consuming information doctors and authors put on paper.

Some prefer to go out and meet with people, others love to listen to podcasts or watch documentaries, and a lot of us prefer to read big thick books. With so many options available, we can be quite picky.

If you are like me, then this post will be one of your favourites. Bookmark it now so you won’t forget when you finish reading! 

I created a list with all the vegan books that helped me go vegan, and those I read years after I transitioned. The information I got from them has made me a healthier, happier and more passionate person.

Knowledge is power, yes, but you have to also use what you know. I hope you take what you need and apply it to your own life. Great things might happen if you do.

Here are vegan books that helped me go vegan:

Have you already read any of these vegan books?

Some of them I went through so many times that I feel like I studied them. I think that is the best way to consume anything. To go deep and lose yourself in it. Make it your own and only let go when you’ve taken from it everything necessary.

I’ve invested in way too many books throughout the years to give you the exact number, but only a few I read so many times that the covers lost colour and pages turned from white to light grey. 

Those few books I made mine. I used pens and highlighters and stickers to mark them. They are worth more to me than the items I spent 100€ on.

When you choose which vegan books from this list to read, think about which ones you want to study. Which ones do you want to take with you to work, school, or to the fucking Mount Everest? Don’t waste your money on shit you will barely get any value from.

Be a smart reader. 

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vegan books helped me go vegan 2021