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I know we joke about how there are no men in our vegan community, but it’s mostly men who are out there reaching the most people, having the most followers, and making the big changes. 

I don’t know why that is the case but I am here to support my fellow women who are making big waves when it comes to fighting for animal rights.

We need to support one another and have each other’s backs. 

I grew up watching women superheroes on television, but as an adult, it took me a while to discover women who were doing things I aspired to do as well. I don’t think it is wrong to only look up to the men who are successful, but where are all the ladies?

If you are asking yourself this same question, let me help you find the answer. Throughout the years I found women online that changed how I see vegan activism. They lift me up with their words, actions and presence.

I want you to feel the same thing.

Here are 5 female vegan activists, you need to know about:

Colleen is the reason why I changed my approach to activism from angry and loud to kind and compassionate. 

I wasn’t looking but I found this woman who dedicated her life to speaking up for the most vulnerable and spends her days writing. If that is not a dream, then I don’t know what is.

She will inspire you to speak from your heart and understand how complex we all are. You will become a kinder vegan and it will change everything for you.

Her book, The Joyful Vegan, is called this way for a reason. Who has time for sadness anyway?

A strong, badass, smart woman who saves lives in and out of the hospital she works in.

Danielle is not here to listen to your theories and beliefs, no. She is here for facts, science, statistics and the truth. This is exactly what I want in a doctor when I follow them on Instagram.

I love how she will call out vegans who are spreading misinformation. After all, if we want to inspire more people to eat more plants, we have to be honest about it. 

I respect that about her.

Who hasn’t heard of Jane Goodall?

I saw her documentary a few weeks ago and it completely blew me away. She went to Africa as a young woman, lived among the chimpanzees and studied these beautiful relatives of ours.

Her discoveries changed the way we see these individuals. 

People can sense her warmth and wisdom. That’s why she is one of the most respected and celebrated women in the world. We want to have a good heart and care for others, just like she does.

Here is another doctor who is inspiring women to grab the wheel of the vehicle and stop sitting in the backseat. 

On her platform, she is teaching people about how to eat in a way that is healthy, empowering, and good for the planet and non-human animals. 

I especially love her travel posts because she not only shares wonderful photos of where she goes but also reviews how vegan-friendly the country was.

Okay, I admit. 

I know very little about Harry Potter because I only saw the first few movies and read the first few books. The character of Luna, played by Evanna, just kind of slipped out of my mind.

Still, I was familiar enough that I started listening to her podcast, The Chickpeeps, and loved many of the episodes. Although I am not their target audience, I still love the games they play and the conversations they have.

Evanna is far from a stuck up Hollywood star. You can tell immediately that she has a giant heart and truly wants to use her voice to talk about things that matter. 

I don’t know what house she is in but I, a Ravenclaw, would totally share a study room with her.

Women are literally carrying humanity in our wombs. We give birth to people and we raise them and love them and nurture them. And we don’t have to have children to be maternal either. 

Women are just wired differently – we care about others to the point of sometimes sacrificing our own success to help them. Not that men don’t, but they can’t at the same time raise a child, take care of their elderly parents, clean the house and make money on the side the way millions of women do every single fucking day.

When it comes to animal rights, these beautiful individuals are bringing to the table what only they can bring. Knowledge of how it feels to be overlooked, oppressed, perhaps even abused, which proves why they feel the need to speak up for other beings. 

There are things women are more familiar with than men are, and we feel a certain responsibility to speak up about them. 

These five wonderful female vegan activists are exactly who you need to follow and listen to. 

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