my experience with covid vaccine pfizer slovenija

Today I want to share with everyone my experience with the COVID vaccine.

In May and June, I received two doses of the Pfizer vaccine. I was eagerly waiting as I knew from the beginning that I wanted to get vaccinated.

I live in Slovenia and at the end of last year, we had a chance to sign up and express our wish to get on the list of people interested in receiving the vaccine. I did not hesitate and immediately put my name on it.

Then in May of this year, I received a text that contained the exact date. 

I was not able to choose the vaccine I wanted but I got Pfizer and I think that was the one everyone hoped they’d receive. But I would’ve been okay with any other as well.

I was nervous about the side effects as I had some horrible experiences with pills I was taking in the previous years (read about it here). I figured that a vaccine is much stronger than drugs and that I would obviously be the one who would get the worst side effects from it.

I was wrong.

A few hours after getting the first shot I felt a bit tired and my left arm hurt because it was the ground zero of a sort since I received the shot in it.

The pain became very bad once I laid down to go to sleep. I could barely shower and sleeping on the left side was impossible. To get some relief I took a painkiller but it did nothing.

The side effects gradually went down after three days and on the fourth day I woke up feeling the way I felt before getting the vaccine.

About three weeks later, I received a text again.

The nerves were completely gone when I got the second shot because I knew what to expect. I knew the symptoms might be stronger, but since I managed to survive the first dose, I was ready to be fully vaccinated. Finally.

Then I became feeling nauseous.

For two days my arm was just slightly hurting and I didn’t even notice the tiredness. But the feeling that I was about to throw up never went away and it was very stressful to do anything.

As someone who never pukes, this made me feel quite vulnerable as I, of course, did not want to show everyone what I had for breakfast every time I went to the store or for a walk.

After two days I was feeling like new again, though. I guess the price for being nauseous was that it lasted for a shorter period of time.

Now, more than two months after being fully vaccinated I am feeling great, healthy and safe. I am grateful and happy that I made a decision to protect myself and others.

I am thankful to those who developed Pfizer, to everyone who works in the hospital and has been fighting this virus from the beginning, and I am thankful to everyone who has gotten vaccinated themself.

Get vaccinated for your own health.

Get vaccinated for those who are vulnerable.

Get vaccinated if you want to finally throw away the mask.

Get vaccinated because you trust science.

Get vaccinated to protect your loved ones.

There are so many reasons to get vaccinated, and I hope you find yours because the world truly, honestly relies on you.

If you are vaccinated, make sure to find me on Pinterest and Instagram to leave a comment. I want to hear about your experience with the side effects and how you felt afterwards.


my experience with the covid vaccine pfizer slovenia