how to eat fewer animal products

Can you imagine living in a world where floods, hurricanes and heat waves are common occurrences, and where a pandemic is not just a temporary problem we are dealing with but a new way of living?

Can you imagine seeing your loved ones die on a regular basis because the planet is so scorching hot that they cannot breathe properly anymore? Can you imagine not having the access to clean water?

This will be a reality if we do not act and change today. Climate change is not an idea or a belief; it is a very real thing that is happening at this precise moment. 

The beautiful thing is that we actually can do something to prevent these dark futures.

You can start by eating fewer animal products.

That’s how I began my journey 7 years ago. I took one step and then another one and I kept going. I knew what my values were, why I was doing it, and I was ready to face all the obstacles that could fall on my path.

Animal agriculture is the leading cause of forest deforestation, water pollution, and one of the biggest contributors to human-made greenhouse gas emissions.

The best way to tackle this problem is by going plant-based.

Now, maybe you don’t want to go vegan. Listen, this is up to you.

What I want is to share with you a few tips on how you can eat more plants and really make a difference in how you contribute to climate change. Each person has an enormous amount of power in their hands, and that makes us all responsible.

If you are ready to do something with that power, here is how to eat fewer animal products:

  • Always have fruits and vegetables at hand.

The more apples and carrots you have at home, the more likely you are to grab one when you want a snack.

Having a bowl full of apples, pears and other sweet plants will bring colour to your table. When your belly starts rumbling and you’re thinking about making a big fatty sandwich, you can stop yourself and reach for a banana instead.

Once you get used to putting more living foods inside your cupboard, you will want to try them all as they will just make your kitchen look like a healthier, livelier place.

  • Experiment with plant-based alternatives.

I can promise you that finding vegan alternatives to cheese, burgers and milk is the easiest thing in the world. 

I love brands like Veganz and Alpro (check out this milk I always use with my cappuccino) because they truly create products that taste like dairy and chicken. Not that I miss eating living beings but I didn’t go vegan because I hated meat, you know?

Nowadays you can find tons of different brands all crammed together. Just grab one and start having fun. That’s the exciting part! You get to go on a journey of eating plenty of food. 

Take its hand and eat!

  • Subscribe to monthly boxes or food delivery services.

Now, I don’t have any experience with monthly subscription boxes but they are super popular right now.

You can get delivered whole meals, snacks, or just a box of fresh vegetables. Whatever you need to make eating fewer animal products happen, do it. Invest in it.

This is especially helpful if you hate cooking and preparing meals on your own. Or if you are just too overwhelmed by the thought of having to figure out how to make meals without meat and eggs.

If you can afford it, give it a try and see if it makes the transition to a more plant-based lifestyle easier.

  • Ask someone you trust to hold you accountable.

I wish everyone could have a personal mentor/guide to help them eat more plants, but we have to work with what we have.

If you are lucky to have a loved one who is willing to support you on this journey, you will want to reach out to them and ask for help. Explain your situation and how you would really love to have someone call you out if you fall off the train (or is it wagon).

I’m sure they are very likely going to accept the task. After all, those who truly love you, want to see you happy and be by your side when you make major decisions.

Now that you know better, are you ready to do better?

I know you might be feeling scared of the changes. This is completely normal. For such a long time you were led to believe that you must consume dead bodies and what comes out of them unless you want to die. 

You were told you needed these foods to be strong and healthy. They expected you to eat more vegetables and fruits but not too many as you had to balance it with meats, eggs and dairy.

But no matter what your parents or teachers said, what matters is the truth. Science has proven that we are able to not only survive but thrive on a plant-based diet.

But for now, just start by eating fewer animal products. No need to rush into something you are not sure about yet. Dip your toes. Test it out.

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how to eat fewer animal products