eat pray love adventure

I just finished reading Eat, Pray, Love a few days ago. The book itself was good but what I loved most was how inspired I felt afterwards.

Suddenly, I wanted nothing more than to go on my own adventure around the world. But since not everyone can afford to do this (myself included), I figured out how to do it at home. And it sounds amazing!

But before we begin, I want to remind you that you don’t require money to love yourself. All these nice things I’ll encourage you to do are just things. At the end of the day, what matters is how you are to yourself on the inside. 

True self-care is about what happens in your heart and mind.

Now with that reminder out of the way, here is how to have your own Eat, Pray, Love adventure:

  • Adventure in eating.

Go to the store and buy the most delicious foods your wallet allows you to purchase. Do not hold back, thinking about calories or how unhealthy it is. When it comes to adventure in eating, we want to indulge.

If you are more daring, go to the restaurant nearby that you’ve never visited before and enjoy the meal by yourself.

Me, I love trying new vegan alternatives. It is my version of travelling around the world by tasting different meals from various countries.

  • Adventure in praying.

I am not talking about praying to any gods, necessarily, but about seeking spirituality on your terms. Perhaps that is meditation, chanting, mantras or something in between. 

Visit that one place that feels holy to you. Maybe that’s a forest, a river, a museum or your sisters’ house. Anyplace where you feel close to something bigger than yourself. 

For me, spirituality is found in nature and in communicating with the trees. I like to play around with talking to them (without expecting a response, obviously) and pretending I hear their advice.

  • Adventure in loving.

Let go, forgive and focus on those whom you love and adore. I know it is not that easy, but the point of adventure in loving is to love freely, openly and without barriers. 

Spend time with your niece and nephew, parents, siblings and friends. Choose those who choose you, too. Give love to those who love you back, and include them in your daily life often. 

For me, I love my niece to the Moon and back. So I give her unconditional love and always make sure I spend time with her when I am free to do so. 

As I said, remember to focus on the inside. That is why I chose mainly things that can be done without spending any money. You don’t have to be a millionaire to feel good and have your own Eat, Pray, Love adventure.

So get your booty moving and have fun. You deserve all the best the world has to offer but you don’t have to go far away from home to experience it. Remember that.

You got this.

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eat pray love adventure