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I admire people who fight until their last breath. I admire their grit, passion and determination. 

There is something beautiful in knowing someone is giving their life for others.

While that is admirable, it is not sustainable. We can only give so much of ourselves away before we cease to exist. You don’t have to suffer to prevent others from suffering.

I believe that every vegan advocate needs to know their worth. Remember how many lives they’ve saved and how many people they’ve inspired.

YOU need to remember how many lives you have saved and how many people you have inspired.

I know about those late-night crying sessions when you remember that while you are in a cosy bed, a piglet is being smashed against a wall while his brothers watch.

I know about the suicidal thoughts you might’ve had when you first watched Earthlings and couldn’t comprehend how anyone could be so evil.

I know about those sad mornings when you don’t feel like brushing your hair or making yourself a delicious breakfast because life is full of suffering and people who don’t care.

I know because I felt that way too, and still do.

You are not selfish for wanting to take a break. You are allowed. Do you hear me? You are allowed to put yourself first.

Matter of fact, you should put yourself first.

If you are empty, you have nothing to give. It is crucial you fill yourself up before you try to do anything that involves other individuals.

If you need to sleep, sleep. If you need to laugh, laugh. If you need to move, move.

Do not seek permission to love yourself and be your own best friend. Because when you are happy and calm, that’s when you are doing your best work.

I love to meditate and practise mindfulness. It took a lot of years to give myself permission to not feel guilty for wanting to be happy and not think about animal cruelty 24/7.

For you, it might be something else. Whatever it is, find the strength to bathe in what brings you pleasure.

It will make you a better vegan advocate. Everyone will know that you are strong and committed because your foundation – mindset and self-respect – is steady and abundant.

A warrior. A fighter. A lover. One of a kind.

You got this. You always have.

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