remember your vegan story

I think this world needs more compassion and kindness. Do you agree?

We are too quick to judge others who are struggling with things that we used to struggle with. It seems we forget our own vegan story every time we are faced with a non-vegan who is trying to eat fewer animal products.

Oh, an actor stopped eating fish? Who cares as they are still not vegan. A model stopped wearing leather? Try harder, buddy, because we know you are still eating cows.

Most of us started that way though. We took time to transition and learn about this lifestyle slowly.

When you feel triggered by someone who is not yet plant-based, try to step back and observe your feelings. Allow yourself to feel everything; from anger and sadness to perhaps jealousy and rage.

All of these emotions matter.

To remember your vegan story whenever you feel slipping back into the judgmental state of mind, you must be aware of the thoughts entering your head.

While it may seem helpful to constantly attack people and accuse them of being bad for still eating non-human animals, it is truly not good for anyone.

It is making them unhappy and it is making you feel hopeless. A better way to use your voice would be to celebrate every progress you notice in people around you and on social media.

I find that meditation helps me tremendously with staying mindful of any potential triggers I may encounter when spending time on social media.

When I step back I can look at my own journey and have compassion for a person I am about to respond to. I can step into their shoes and understand where they are coming from.

Wouldn’t you feel more peaceful speaking up if you know we are all just doing our best? I think the answer is yes.

I know you are passionate and this passion can sometimes turn into hostility, but I want to encourage you to turn it into love. Feel the love for everyone who was courageous enough to question what they were taught was right.

Today, even though veganism is becoming more mainstream, people are still facing bullies and haters who will try to pressure them into going back to consuming meat and dairy.

Celebrate their first step just like you wish people celebrated yours! The world is already putting us through so much suffering, why add to it?

One day these people will look back at their own vegan stories and it would be wonderful to know you were there for them. Cheering. Motivating.

Be like that. Pour your heart out and know it is creating magic.

You got this. We got this together.

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your vegan story