how to avoid arguments online as a vegan

Do you have anger issues? I do. 

That’s why finding a way to stop being so triggered online was one of the most important things I did as an animal rights activist.

I want to share with you my favourite tools and resources for when my fingers are itching and I have every insult in the world at the tip of my tongue. I know anger can be a big obstacle to tackle, so let me help.

Of course, I can only share what works for me and there are times when the help of a professional will be necessary. You have to recognize when you cross the line where a simple blog post is not enough to help you.

There is nothing shameful about seeking help and perhaps taking medication if needed. A lot of us are pretty fucked up, you know. Sadly, not everyone is as open to talking about it as I am.

But assuming you just want a few tips and tricks to stop fighting with non-vegans on social media, let’s get into this.

Anger can be transformed into activism if you are willing to use it as fuel to create, not hate. It is the best gas for you, right after sunshine and a lot of water.

Here is how to avoid arguments online as a vegan:

  • Dedicate at least 10 minutes a day to loving-kindness meditation. It is proven to help you find compassion for those you disagree with and maintain sanity in a world filled with negative people. I use the Waking Up meditation app that I absolutely adore.
  • Unfollow accounts that trigger you the most. That means doing a mass cleaning of your social media profiles and letting go of everyone whose content you don’t absolutely love. Yes, you can even unfollow PETA if the comments section doesn’t make you feel good.
  • Create reminders of why you are speaking up for non-human animals. Have photographs of smiling pigs as your screensaver, watch positive documentaries and go for long walks with your dog. You are on a mission and there is no time for petty online fights.
  • Listen to people who are using a lighter approach to activism. I suggest you follow Colleen Patrick-Goudreau on Instagram and read her book The Joyful Vegan for inspiration on how to communicate with people you disagree with.

I hope these tips help you create a lovely environment when using social media platforms.

We can be kind and compassionate when speaking up for animal rights, and we should be! There is already so much negativity and hostility in the world that we have to stop contributing to it.

I know sometimes you can’t help it and you get into an argument. Of course, that can happen at times, you are human after all. But don’t let this be an excuse every time you lose it on the internet.

There is a difference between being passionate and being a bully. 

I know it can hurt to hear this, especially if you’ve been having trouble with managing your anger, but you can get better. I am doing it, and anger is one of the main symptoms of my diagnosis!

There is a way out of this painful labyrinth you are caught it, but it will take time and diligence.

Both of us will have to make mental health a priority and arm ourselves with tools that will help us manage our emotions.

We got this, though, because we are strong and brave. Every single thing that is not working in our lives, we are capable of changing it if we stick together.

I am ready to avoid arguments online. Are you?

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how to avoid arguments online vegan

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