7 years vegan lessons

In March it will be 7 years since I went vegan. To say that my life has changed for the better would be an understatement. 

I’ve become more aware of how my actions affect others. Just because something brings me pleasure, it does not mean the being on the other end can relate. 

The way I invest money has changed. I say invest because that is what we do whenever we purchase an item or a service. We are investing in a company, a brand, a person.

Whoever receives my Euros, gets a very clear message that says: I want more of that, please.

Looking back at my vegan journey, I am satisfied with how things developed. I do not regret anything, not even taking 11 months to transition. That first year was the foundation that held me up when things got challenging.

I remember how I dreamt of one day calling myself a long-term vegan. I wanted to talk about my journey but it seemed so far away. Boy did time flew by fast. Seven years. Wow.

Here are 7 lessons I’ve learnt from being 7 years vegan:

  • Just because someone is vegan doesn’t mean you are supposed to like them. Also, just because someone is vegan doesn’t mean you should date them. At the end of the day, vegans are just as flawed and unique as every single human on Earth. There is more to people than just who or what they eat.
  • You will find your way to speak up for animal rights. The more you get exposed to a variety of ideas and a diversity of advocates, the clearer your way will be.
  • Even vegans die and get sick. Eating plant-based doesn’t magically protect you from cancer or COVID-19. You will most likely be a bit healthier than others, but you are not invincible. 
  • It gets easier. All of it. From shopping and eating to dating and communicating. You will become comfortable with the whole lifestyle the longer you live it. 
  • Not everyone is vegan for non-human animals. Some are only a part of the movement to spread their particular political propaganda and create chaos. They couldn’t care less for pigs, as long as they can pretend to be morally superior.
  • You are allowed to not like vegan alternatives. You are allowed to not support them as well. You are living according to a philosophy, not a cult.
  • Taking a vaccine is vegan. Taking medicine is vegan. Taking care of your health is vegan. If you are dead, you won’t be saving any of those beings you changed for. It is not about perfection and purism, but about doing what we can. Plus, infecting everyone you get in touch with and risking their lives is just not very ethical, you know.

What’s your vegan number? What are the lessons you’ve learnt? Leave me a comment below as I would love to hear from you.

At the end of the day, it is just a number. It doesn’t determine your worth, work or love for non-human animals. All of us are equally important and crucial for the movement. 

We are selfish by nature and everything we do is because it makes us feel good. But the only thing that matters, in my opinion, is that we use this selfishness to help others. 

I don’t care why people are vegan if it works for them. Just be kind to other animals. It’s simple as that. Not one person is identical to someone else, and it would be boring if we were the same.

I hope these lessons reminded you of something you forgot or taught you something you didn’t know. I do a similar post almost every year and I will continue doing this for as long as I have a blog.

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7 years vegan lessons

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