unhealthy vegan

When I went vegan I was forced to eat healthily. There was no junk food in the store and all the cakes were an hour away.

So I did what I had to do. I took my health into my own hands and took it damn seriously.

To avoid becoming an unhealthy vegan you will need to make a decision. Do you want to risk a serious illness, or do you want to bet on a long, healthy life?

It begins on your plate, of course, but it is so much more. (If you want to talk about how to eat healthily, though, here is a post I wrote.)

Being healthy includes how you treat yourself and your life as well. It includes the people you are surrounded with, how you take care of your mindset and brain, and what your job is.

I suggest the following to avoid becoming an unhealthy vegan:

  • Make sure your loved ones are supportive, respectful and loving towards you. The more you are surrounded by people who are good to you (and themselves), the better you will feel when around them.
  • Take ten minutes every day to sit down, focus on your breath and be mindful. Calm your mind because health starts inside, in your brain. I recommend using the Waking Up meditation app because it’s, in my opinion, the best there is. I wrote a review of it here.
  • Do you love your job? If you hate every waking minute you spend at work, it will affect your health too. I’m not saying you have to quit, because this is easier said than done. What I do mean is to improve your relationships with your coworkers, find a way to serve the greater good and do your best.

Your health is in your hands. At least a part of it is.

There are many things you can’t predict but you can do something and that is more than available to you. While cancer and diabetes are not in our hands, how much we work out, what we eat and who our friends are absolutely are. 

You are not on your own, but it begins with you deciding to be the best version of yourself possible. It starts with you. 

You got this.

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how to avoid becoming an unhealthy vegan