vegan checklist

If we want peace, we need to go vegan but in order to go vegan, we need to know how to do it in the first place.

That is where I come in.

I will help you create a sustainable eco-friendly vegan lifestyle that you will adore. This is something I figured out pretty quickly and, to be honest, is the only thing I can say I am very good at.

Today I will share with you my big vegan checklist with seven ways to go vegan without feeling stressed and overwhelmed. These are all the things I did and continue doing now, eight years later.

Because everyone deserves to be happy and joyful. No more suffering and depression. This is easier said than done, I understand, but it is possible.

So here is my big vegan checklist:

  • Take time to transition slowly.

If you want to avoid shocking your body and mind, take some time to go one step at a time. This is a bit controversial to say because everyone says you must go vegan overnight. I kind of disagree.

I think you should go at your own pace and transition in a way that makes you feel comfortable.

  • Follow vegans on social media.

Being mentored, even through social media, will help you on your journey. You won’t feel alone and they will guide you through obstacles. 

That is how I did it when I went vegan eight years ago. I suggest you start following me, and I will share tips and advice that you need. 

  • Ask friends and family for support.

You don’t need vegan friends, per se, but you do need support and a community. I wrote at length about this here, but in short: Talk to your loved ones.

Explain that you have decided to go vegan and you would love it if they offered you a helping hand. Tell them you require some help and their support would mean the world to you.

  • Read vegan books.

Leaders are readers, and if you want to lead your own life you will need to start consuming literature.

My picks are Vegan’s Daily Companion and The Joyful Vegan. These two books were crucial in creating my vegan lifestyle. I always recommend them to everyone, newbies or long-term vegans.

  • Have a meditation practice.

When you are changing your habits and creating newer, better ones, you need your mind to collaborate with you.

Mindfulness is a tool that everyone needs in their toolbox. Focusing on your breath, taking each minute as it passes, living in the moment… These are not just quotes, but ways of living.

I use a meditation app called Waking Up and it is worth every Euro. I wrote a review of it here.

  • Find vegan friends (in real life).

The beauty of life is that when we find a community, it finally feels like we fit in.

You can find yours at vegan events, or you can volunteer. Perhaps you can reach out to someone on Instagram and invite them out for coffee. There are so many ways to find friends.

Be persistent and believe in your own ability to connect to other people.

  • Create a self-care routine.

Self-care routines are one of my favourite things to talk about as they are all about pampering ourselves.

But it goes beyond pedicures and buying candles. Self-care is about our internal self – the heart, the mind, the brain. I’m talking therapy, medicine, workbooks, and meditation.

I wrote about this here. Hopefully, it encourages you to take your self-care to another level.

What do you think? You can download a free checklist here so you can carry it with you everywhere you go or put it on the fridge.

I hope you are encouraged now to take your life to the next level. Make veganism a beautiful part of your life that brings you joy, not misery.

You got this.

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big vegan checklist