veganuary 2023 tips resources

It’s a new year and it’s a new Veganuary 2023 challenge. 

This year I want to share with you how to stay vegan for the whole month of January, plus some resources that might help you achieve this vision. 

I really want you to focus on why you are going vegan, even if it is just for one month.

What inspired you? Was it animal rights? Or the environment? Perhaps it was your health and well-being? Maybe you just wanted a new challenge?

Whatever the case is, you have to stay connected to it for the next 30 days. It will keep you accountable and focused on what you want to achieve. Your WHY is your foundation. It is the basis for everything you will build.

Here are my best Veganuary 2023 tips:

  • Go on your favourite social media platform and follow a variety of vegans. From fitness junkies to health food enthusiasts and animal rights activists… follow them all. That way you will be inspired and mentored on your vegan journey. Follow me too.
  • Invest in one vegan book that you will study like you’re preparing yourself for an exam. My suggestions are Vegan’s Daily Companion or The Joyful Vegan. I personally studied both and they truly helped me on my path.
  • Commit to cooking one meal yourself every day. It would be easier to rely on restaurants and takeaways, but I really want you to dedicate time to making a plant-based meal from scratch. It will help you get familiar with vegan cuisine in case you continue after January.

And here are my best Veganuary 2023 resources:

Remember, you got this.

This month will be full of adventure, courage and compassion. I promise it will change your life forever if you throw yourself fully into it. 

I have been vegan for the past 8 years and my life has improved so much. I am kinder, more aware, conscious and open to new things. Not only that, but I am also a more ethical human being as I don’t consume animal products.

You too can be like that. Just accept the challenge.

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veganuary 2023 tips resources